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This past weekend I participated in my daughter’s school, Panther Dash 5K/10K run. I felt pretty good Saturday morning after much contemplating, I switched last minute from the 5K to the 10K. I had a great result and took 1st place in my age group. However, since I hadn’t been training for a 10K, I had some pretty good soreness and it lasted through Monday. So, my body was telling me to take it easy, but, I still wanted to do something. So, here we go Pilates !!! I took my first Pilates class in a long time. It was tough as I worked on core and my super-tight hamstrings. It was also an Intermediate class (which I didn’t know about halfway through). The instructor, Linda, was super informative and knowledgeable and gave tons of options and modifications. I was glad I also wasn’t the only beginner in there. And, then about halfway through I felt my hamstrings start to loosen up and began getting the hang of it! It seems the more we workout, the less flexible we get, so, we have to even have a stronger focus on it. Even taking Pilates, Yoga, or Piyo once a week will get you results!

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My name is Jamie Hardt and I have been an exercise instructor for nearly 13 years at the YMCA-Pabst Farms. I absolutely love exercise and would probably do it for hours a day if I could. I began a challange at New Years with a goal of attending every class our YMCA has to offer. I have attended 30 different classes so far of the over 100 we offer. I welcome you to join me on this journey!.. Read More »

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