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WOW! Not How

Are you ready? Fall is coming, my friends. Do you feel it? Summer can be such a sweet time of bliss, whims, light heartedness, open schedules and fun experiences. Some people cling to the tastes, smells and appeals of summer like they’re still hanging on to the water ski rope on their first attempt, while others are okay to let go and splash into the next season and all of its potential. I am blessed to live in a state that celebrates and experiences all seasons, yet I tend to suit up to play for team summer. It’s my favorite.

Fall sometimes leaves me feeling less than, or unprepared. As I look at the amount of work that’s in store for me, I can only ask myself, “how?”.

Work at home; organizing the kids’ school days, after school activities, lunches, rides, lessons, practices, games, homework, etc.

Work at work; planning upcoming events and classes, managing staff, teaching classes, developing curriculum, hiring and training leaders.

Work at personal development; new fitness routine, new meal preparation and planning, new bible study.

How? How am I going to successfully accomplish this all – be good at it, unrushed, present, encouraging and engaging and have energy left?

Andy Stanley presented at a conference I attended in August and I can’t help but be reminded of his phrase, “wow, not how”.

Wow. I get to lead these little people and impact their lives (present and eternal).

Wow. I get to see them grow and learn and experience new things.

Wow. I get to listen to them share about their day and what happened at school.  

Wow. I get to go to a job where people are working on bettering themselves, where the leadership understands, respects and supports my desire to learn and grow.

Wow. I get to move, breathe, sweat, eat, and LIVE because I am blessed with a healthy and whole body.

Wow. I get to be a wife to an amazing man who loves Jesus first.

Wow. I get to hear ideas from members and staff about what they would like to see happen in the wellness center to best support their healthy living goals.

Wow. I get to work with a supervisor who has vision, is dedicated to her staff and absolutely listens to me and offers advice and guidance.

Wow. I get to honor Jesus with my body because He died for me, rose again and now lives in me. He grants me new mercy every morning.

Wow. Every day I have an opportunity to do better than I did yesterday.

Wow. I can forgive myself for failing to refrain from that extra sweet and for making excuses about not wanting to exercise.

If you are clinging to the ease of summer, or reluctant to start your new season due to fear because it all seems so overwhelming, I invite you to change your “how” sentences, to “wow” sentences. 



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