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Screen Door Handle

Areas of our life beg for our presence, and when we give it, they grow – they improve. Ignoring certain areas has never served a person well in the long run.

Months ago I started to notice our screen door handle ever so slightly pulling away from the door. We have a Menards standard black handle – nothing special and very commonmmon. It is your standard door handle that requires little to no thought to operate. You press in the top and pull the handle. Simple (except if you’re a short 5-year old and don’t have the proper leverage). The top button you press before pulling on the handle to open the door was creeping away from the door, centimeters at a time, with every day. Barely noticeable in the beginning. But over time it wouldn’t “catch” the first time you’d push the top in, so you’d have to press harder and instinctively you’d pull on the handle with more force. Well, over time, because we didn’t pay any mind to how we opened the door – or realized we were doing it incorrectly – too much force applied at the wrong time led to it coming right off the door.

Opening my screen door is an activity I normally give ZERO thought to (obviously, because it’s now broken). In fact we’re using a stick to open our door until we have time to buy a new handle and install it. If I continue to NOT think about what I’m doing when opening the door, I could impale myself.

Apply this little story to areas of your life that surround your health and fitness. What areas that make up your ideal definition of healthy and fit have you not been paying any attention to? In what area(s) have you noticed slight downward changes, yet instead of correcting, you ignored? Then, because you ignored it enough, it became increasingly more noticeable and you had to think of a new approach to reach the same outcome, maybe forcibly (me having to push the button on the handle at least twice to get to door to open)? Pretty soon, if there is no positive change – no present, intentional effort toward resolution – you’ll break. It’s inevitable. Something will give.

And you’ll be opening up your screen door with a stick.

What’s your screen door handle?

What area(s) of your life can you pay more attention to and be intentional about?

Our Challenge to Change program starts October 9th. This program coaches you through areas of your life surrounding health and fitness, holds you accountable to them and requires intentional, present action.

You can click on our link to learn more and enroll. Any Wellness Staff member will also be able to answer your questions and help you decide if this program is right for you, right now. They are available to help whenever the Y is open. Stop up and see them anytime.

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