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I am little biased writing this blog as my main focus of teaching is cycling and I’ve been doing it for over 13 years. But, if you have never attended a cycle class, please let me tell you more and I hope you will try it a few times. ‘Cause, once you try it you will love it!! Cycling is basically what you probably think it is—riding on a bike to music. What I love about cycling is the unlimited variety you can have in music, choreography, goals, instructors, themes, etc.

At our YMCA, we offer 3 different types of cycling classes. 1) Regular cycling where the instructor picks the music and choreography, sets the beat/speed/RPM, and sets the goal. 2) Moi cycle---this is a heart rate based class in which you will go through 4 different ranges of your heart rate. This class’s music and choreography is selected by Moi. And, 3) Rhythm Spin—a beat-based driven class which is guaranteed to get your heartrate up.

If you are coming to your first cycling class, please come 10 minutes early and tell your instructor you are new. Proper bike set-up is key!!! We want to avoid any strain or discomfort in back, knees, hips, shoulders, etc. If you are not used to riding a bike, there may some slight discomfort in your ‘tushy’ area afterwards. However, that can be avoided or eased by using a padded bike seat (we usually have a few on hand), wearing a pair of padded bike shorts, or taking a soak in our whirlpool afterwards. Regardless, if you continue with cycling, that discomfort will cease altogether.

After you’re properly set up, get ready to ride. All of your bikes have computers which will tell you your speed, mileage, time, and heart rate (this will display only if you’re wearing a heart rate monitor which we highly recommend). Your instructor will tell you what speed to be at, how you should feel, and what the goal is. Oh, I almost forget to mention that little knob between your legs. Yup—that’s your resistance knob. Your instructor is going to ask you to turn that on eventually to simulate climbing a hill or pushing through a headwind. This is your knob, your bike, your ride, and you control everything. If you are not feeling 100% and don’t want to push yourself—then don’t. You also can and should follow the Smart Start program. Give it 20 minutes—call it a day, and next time try to go a little longer.

I am confident that anyone who tries cycling will love it!

You can find me cycling Mon/Wed 9am, Thurs 5:45am, and rotations on Saturday.

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My name is Jamie Hardt and I have been an exercise instructor for nearly 13 years at the YMCA-Pabst Farms. I absolutely love exercise and would probably do it for hours a day if I could. I began a challange at New Years with a goal of attending every class our YMCA has to offer. I have attended 30 different classes so far of the over 100 we offer. I welcome you to join me on this journey!.. Read More »

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