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Hospitable Dwelling

“And in Him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by His Spirit”. Ephesians 2:22

Christians know that Christ’s Church is the body of believers, collectively. But there are individual churches (temples) also, in each of us. God dwells in our physical body. He dwells among us when we gather together and we are His habitation individually - by grace through faith. 

How comforting to me it is to know that my God, who is preparing a place for me in heaven, lives in me now. Think about it. We get to live in Him and with
Him for all eternity, yet here on earth He lives in us – the God of the cosmos,
the commander of the waves, the one who formed the mountains and the
canyons by His hand. He dwells among us and IN us. It’s sort of backwards foreshadowing- a reversed foretaste of our eternal dwelling. Isn’t that exciting? 

On a Monday morning, it may be harder to rely on will-power than on other days. Maybe you struggle with the temperatures getting colder. Or your kids did not get the memo they were supposed to sleep in an extra hour yesterday. You find yourself tired, cold, more than a little crabby, and void of motivation to make healthy decisions. It’s easier to default to lazy. It’s understandable to want to sleep in extra today to make up for the lack of extra sleep yesterday. But making one decision from a place of exhaustion or based on how you feel starts a snowball effect of poor decisions – more decisions based on feelings instead of facts.

Remember the facts: if you have been baptized into the family of believers the God of the universe lives in you. 2 Timothy 1:7 says “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline”. This is truth! You are not a victim of your circumstances. You are not the sum of your mistakes. You are not doomed to repeat your failures or unable to make a better decision next time. You don’t have to fear your perceived lack of ability. Instead, trust.
Like Jesus said to Jairus in Luke chapter 8:50 – “Don’t be afraid, just believe…”

It’s catalytic. More than any pants size, more than any number on a scale, more than any desired health outcome. I am prompted to live for Him - to surrender all decisions to Him, not just the churchy ones or life-and-death ones - but the every single day ones. Decisions like: what am I going to eat for breakfast today? What is my workout going to be? How can I demonstrate gratitude? Who can I uplift? Will I refrain from eating all of the leftover Halloween candy this week? Did I drink enough water? Can I choose carrot sticks instead of chips for my next snack?

As a wife and mom, I strive to create a beautiful, safe and fun home for my husband and children. Every decision I make can make a more hospitable place
for my loved ones.  

As a temple of the Almighty, I strive harder to create a physical dwelling that will honor and serve Him. Every decision I make can create a more hospitable place
for the Holy Spirit.

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