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I am getting closer to my goal of attending every class we offer within one year’s time. At the time of this blog entry, I only have 10 left to go out of our YMCA currently offering 125 classes. I was recently asked what class am I avoiding most. And, I wouldn’t exactly say avoiding, but¸ least excited about attending would be the aqua classes. And, this is nothing against our aqua instructors as they are amazing!! It’s just that, I’m a ‘land’ girl. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a good beach, lake, and ocean. But, for me, I feel my time could be better spent burning calories on the bike, running, or in the aerobic studio. I’m just not a swimmer. I know the basics and could survive in the water if needed. It’s just not my strength nor gauging my interest currently. It’s kind of funny as my husband loves to swim (in fact, he wishes he could do it more often), and our daughter is such a fish! We can’t get her out of the pool here.

At our YMCA, we currently offer 23 aqua classes a week! Our aqua classes include Joint Movement, River Challenge, Aqua Zumba, Aqua Fitness, Aqua Challenge, and Yoga Stretch. Joint Movement is in the therapy pool and is based on movement and mobility of the joints. This gentle, warm water exercise class is for people of all ages who suffer from arthritis, muscular and joint discomfort, or coming from a hip or knee injury. River Challenge is 30 minutes of high-intensity strength and cardiovascular training, enhanced by the water current in the lazy river. Aqua Zumba is an exhilarating aqua dance set to spicy Latin music. This class is for everyone! And, this one was tons of fun!!! Aqua Fitness (a 45 minute class) is all about cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility will be challenged with exercises designed to ease demands of everyday living and is done in the therapy pool. Aqua Challenge (a 55 minute class) will improve cardiovascular fitness and total body strength! This class will incorporate a variety of formats, including intervals, boot camp, cardio blast and more! The class can accommodate moderate to high fitness levels and is done in the competitive (cold) pool. I asked Deny (one of our prized instructors) what is the difference between Aqua Fitness and Aqua Challenge? Her response was, “About 10 minutes and 10 degrees.” J

I really enjoyed the Yoga Stretch (like yoga in the pool) and Aqua Zumba (truly was like a party). These are classes I will definitely attend again. For the athletic and advanced exerciser, all of our aqua classes would be great to add on to your current exercise regime. For the beginner exerciser, deconditioned, or anyone coming off an illness/injury, our aqua classes are all perfect for you.

No matter what your choice is---I’ll see you soon at the YMCA and maybe even in the pool.

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My name is Jamie Hardt and I have been an exercise instructor for nearly 13 years at the YMCA-Pabst Farms. I absolutely love exercise and would probably do it for hours a day if I could. I began a challange at New Years with a goal of attending every class our YMCA has to offer. I have attended 30 different classes so far of the over 100 we offer. I welcome you to join me on this journey!.. Read More »

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