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12 Days of Workouts App Challenge

Maintaining a “normal” routine in the month of December is sort of like seeing a unicorn. It would be lovely and exciting, yet is really only true in fairy-tales. We understand this and want to help you maintain, at the very least, a semi-regular exercise schedule. Why? Exercise is paramount to handling the added responsibilities each of us has this season – some we love and are looking forward to and some we dread and are anxious about. Regardless of your emotions surrounding this month’s schedule, ensuring consistent exercise will help keep things in check – physically, mentally and emotionally. We want to award you for your commitment to exercise. If you have not already, download our app and/or set up a Netpulse account. Any Wellness Staff member can help you. Plus, you can earn free stuff!

How, you ask? Let me explain.

We set up two challenges to help you stay committed to exercise this December. The first is called 12 Days of Workouts. In the Challenge tile of your app (or on any PC using the website click “join challenge”. If you complete and record at least twelve (30-minute minimum) workouts in the first 15 days of December you will have successfully completed the challenge and, more importantly, helped to manage stress, conditioned your heart and lungs, improved your muscle tone and positively impacted your health and well–being. Use your app to manually record your exercise or sign in with your Xid on the connected cardio pieces and your workouts will be automatically accounted for in the challenge. Just by joining the challenge you earn 5 points. Your points will be accumulated your entire membership and can be redeemed for free stuff!

If you complete this challenge and the second challenge for the latter half of December (12 MORE Days of Workouts), you will be entered into a grand prize drawing of 2 Milwaukee Buck’s tickets. This 2nd challenge runs from December 16 – December 31 and is exactly the same – record at least 12 workouts (30-minute minimum). Completing a challenge awards you 15 points. So, if you were to join both challenges and complete them successfully, you could earn at least 40 points in December! 30 more and you have free energy bites from the café (yummy!).

None of the workouts have to be done at the Y, they simply need to be recorded in the app (or using your Xid on the website). 

There is a daily limit of 1 workout for each challenge to help promote consistent exercise all month because that is the point. Exercise is only as effective long-term as your consistency. In other words, it matters more what you do every single day than what you do every once in a while. 

Merry Workouts!


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