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Positioned to Change

This morning, in his groggy, just-got-out-of-bed-still-out-of-it-state my sons said, “it’s nice to hear the birds chirping again”. He had just gotten out of the bathroom, his hair all disheveled and still in his pajamas.

Juxtapose that attitude with mine. Same day, pretty much same circumstances, me just out of bed, hadn’t had my coffee yet, hair disheveled but my first thought wasn’t about how nice it was to hear the birds chirping. Instead, it was of how gloomy it was outside (AGAIN), how sick and tired I am of the dreary February days, and how I could easily hop back in bed and sleep the morning away.

So many times in my parenting career I am taught by my children, this time being no exception. God uses my kids frequently to teach me – sometimes I feel it’s more than He uses me to teach them. My son’s simple statement reminded me of a few things: 1.) it’s a person’s heart position that determines his/her mood, 2.) I’m grateful for seasons, 3.) seasons impact our heart health and physical health.

  1. My son and I woke up on the same day, around the same time, in the same house, with the same clouds, same birds outside our bathroom window yet had a completely different outlook on the day. He in the best of moods, me in a “meh” mood, not in the moment but thinking about how much I can’t wait for spring. It’s not the circumstances that dictate your mood – it’s YOU! Your heart position, your attitude, what you tend to dwell on, what you allow to speak to you, what you’re open to hear and what you shut out.
  2. I very much love seasons. Until recently my favorite season was always fall, but more than I love fall, I love that I live in an environment that has seasons (lately my favorite has been summer). His simple yet profound statement reminded me about the necessity of each season for the appreciation of them all.
  3. His simple statement resonated with me beyond the context of this morning. Our health is impacted by the cycles around us.

If you think about it, most things in life run on cycles. The natural order of things is cyclical – everything from a woman’s menstrual cycle to our weather. Things work more efficiently and more effectively when they are applied or utilized during their proper or designated times. 

Solomon, the wise philosopher and king once wrote “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens” Ecclesiastes 3:1.

Our health and fitness is not exempt from this concept.

Applying a one size fits all approach, or doing the same exercise routine day in and day out, or eating the same way your entire life does not serve you well. You are forever changing. Your body is not the same today as it was yesterday nor are its needs. Much like the seasons. We cannot expect health change, or even health maintenance, if we’ve not adapted to the new demands that have been placed on our bodies; maybe because of age, environment, new stressors, different elements in our food (nutrients and toxins), new relationships, new diagnosis, new season, or a change in our sleep patterns. So many things impact how our bodies receive information – exercise and food being two most elemental pieces of information our bodies respond to, negatively or positively. If you have been stuck or haven’t found much physical progress of attitude, might I suggest a couple new things happening at the Y?

A new program starting soon at the Y to help you meet the every changing needs of your body is Full Plate Living. This is a small group nutrition training program to help you identify the foods full of fiber and how that macronutrient plays a big part in your body’s ability to lose weight. This class will meet on Tuesdays from
1:30-2:30 starting March 6th. There is still room to register. Ensure your spot in this new class by signing up online today

BodyStep is another new program. This is a group exercise program that will leave you feeling uplifted every time you attend, will work to build your stamina and cardiovascular endurance while helping to shape the muscles in your legs. This new program is included in your membership and is offered on Mondays at 11:15am in the 30 minutes format, on Wednesdays at 9:05am in the 55 minute format and on Thursdays at 10:45am in the 45 minute format. Check the group exercise schedule for our Winter 2 session for more classes that are new to you to change things up in your exercise routine.

May your heart position be poised to receive new information, new seasons of life, new cycles of exercise and new eating trends as aids in your health and fitness journey instead of challengers to your current state of things. May you also be open-minded to change. It may just help you hear the birds chirping again. 

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