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10 Week Challenge

There are 10 weeks and change until the end of 2018. We are able to count down the year on our fingers. That makes me pause a bit. 2018, as most years since I’ve had children, is speeding by as if in a race entitled “the fastest year gone by challenge”.


There are still 10 weeks left! That’s a hefty chunk of time that can accomplish a lot, specifically in the area of your personal health and fitness. What goals have you worked on or accomplished this year in regards to that area of your life? As you assess your current health and fitness state, what changes would you like to see before the end of the year?

I have a little 10-week challenge for you. I will share a list of healthier changes you can add a week at a time. Even though you have just over 10 weeks left, I will give you a couple bonus week habits. Starting today, choose something from this list you want to implement for the rest of the year. Each week, add a new change from the list, while keeping the one you chose last week, and so on, until you have adopted all 10 healthy habits. This will set you up for success and in 2019, you will be a health and fitness force to be reckoned with. To ensure success, tell someone about them. Print off this list and share it with a friend, coworker, neighbor, or ME! I’d love to be your accountability partner through this.

  • Reserve alcohol for special occasions. 
  • Fast food once a week, only if desperate. Pack your lunches – brown bagging. 
  • Decrease the size of your dinner plate by two inches in diameter, from 10 to 8 or even 6 inches for dinner. 
  • A protein on every plate to increase the thermic effect of food. 
  • A plant on every plate to increase fiber, vitamins and minerals. 
  • Eat breakfast and dinner sitting at the table. 
  • No full calorie soft drinks, or better yet – only water. 
  • No TV during dinner. Focus on the sensation of eating. 
  • No bread as an appetizer or side, only for use as something to hold your sandwich. 
  • All soups must be broth based. 
  • Water with lunch and dinner. 
  • Desserts limited to every other day, once a day and split with your significant other. 
  • Stand up at least once every 30 minutes through-out the work day. 
  • Schedule your workouts in your calendar before you do them, at least 3 per week. 
  • Take the stairs.
  • Stretch/Meditate/Foam Roll for 10 minutes before bed 4-5 nights per week.



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