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Nine times out of ten, when I receive a personal training intake form, or an online request for a personal trainer, the client is interested in weight loss. They express weight loss as a goal they have. While knowing body weight is an important factor in health, it doesn’t tell the whole story. I understand its allure - its ease and accessibility. Anyone can step on a scale and have immediate feedback, reinforcing behavior or perhaps being the catalyst needed to change behavior. However, simply knowing what a body weighs doesn’t tell you what that weight amount is comprised of, what factors contribute to that total number. 

My children love the Kids Baking Championship show on the Food Network. This long winter allowed for many an opportunity to sit and watch these shows. Our favorites from any season are always the dessert imposter episodes. Please humor my metaphor.

Picture a delicious salad in a clear bowl. From the outside it looks crisp and fresh, colorful and satisfying. It is filled with all sorts of veggies and nuts. You can practically feel the crunch of the romaine lettuce in your mouth or the tiny explosion of flavor from biting into the ruby red cherry tomato. You can taste the richness of the diced avocado - how that pairs well with the slightly bitter arugla. But upon closer examination, you notice that the lettuce isn’t really lettuce, nor the veggies acutal veggies. Instead it’s cake batter colored and formed to look like little cherry tomatoes and fondant rolled out and texturized to look like romaine lettuce. The avocado pieces are actually dyed brownie bits and the argula is spun sugar. If you had not more closely examined this “salad” before taking a bite, your taste buds would have been in for a world of shock.

Apply this to the scale. We cannot take for face value what the scale says any more than we can take for face value this clear “salad” bowl. The number on the scale represents the gravitational pull on the mass of your body in pounds. This is not a good representative of the health of that mass, or what that mass is made of.

Enter the InBody scale. This device is a body composition analyzer. It serves a person who has “weight loss” as a goal much better than a scale does. Losing weight does not guarantee better health. And if we rely on the scale as our only metric for success, we run the risk of ruining our metabolism and perpetually yo yo-ing through our efforts. We need to be clear on what type of body tissue we’re losing when we’re losing weight. Or if weight gain is necessary. I’ve seen it play out too often where the InBody scale says a person doesn’t have to lose fat but has to gain skeletal muscle mass, and that client thinks, “great, I’m good”. Gaining skeletal muscle mass because you have too little is as necessary to address as losing fat mass because you have too much.Both have a profound effect on your health.

Inbody devices use a method of Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to measure body composition, which divides your weight into different components such as lean body mass and fat mass to assess health and nutrition. We have this device and can conduct this screening right in the Wellness Center offices. Please attend an informational meeting to learn more about what this device can measure, how to prepare for the test and what to do with the results. We have two more informational meetings (FREE) on the calendar in March:

Tuesday, March 19th at 12:00pm

Monday, March 25th at 7:00pm   

Attending one of these info meetings provides you with one free InBody test. Currently, the price is $15 per test, or you can buy three for $40. Additionally, all personal training packages purchased starting Spring session will include two InBody tests. Any personal trainer can conduct these tests for you, or you can schedule an appointment with me (Kelly). It’s a worthy investment in your health that really helps better define your “weight loss” goal.


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