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Gift of Wellness

A simple gift can change a life!

LINDA'S STORY:  In January, 2012, I was given the “Gift of Health” from an old friend for a 3 month membership at the Y.  I had said how much I missed swimming and would choose swimming laps as my mode of exercise, if I could.

As an incentive, he gave me a gift card for the Y.  I was thrilled but intimidated at the same time.  I had literally not been in a pool for more than 30 years, and then, only for a short swim.  I was 64, far out of condition and feeling beaten down by life.

I finally got up the nerve to come into the Y in February and get signed up.  Two weeks after that, I finally worked up enough confidence to actually come in for a swim.  I thought I could just pick up where I left off (in high school, I did some racing and a lot of water ballet) but after two laps of freestyle, I almost collapsed.  I have COPD and didn’t give a thought to how that would affect me.  I couldn’t get my breath and felt like a fool when I couldn’t even get out of the pool without a ladder, after trying to “jump up and out.”

It was another two weeks before I convinced myself I had to try again, feeling obligated to my friend for his belief in me.  I now swim 32 laps in 30 minutes, 3 times a week, and feel great afterwards.  I concentrated on breathing correctly, and slowed down, using my favorite strokes instead of freestyle.  I have already lost about a size, just from swimming, without dieting.  And most of all, I feel positive for the first time in “ages”.

I thank God everyday for my friend who challenged me to get back to swimming.

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