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Thank you Stephanie Fridley from the Gaston County Family YMCA for sharing your poem expressing why the YMCA is so much more than just a gym.


You know our logo and you've heard our song,
But if you think we're just a gym, well, you've heard wrong.

A gym is built by corporations, entrepreneurs and loaners,
We were built by volunteers, advocates and donors.

The bottom line dictates how a gym is run,
Our business plan is John 17:21.

A gym is built by investors in the industry of fitness,
We were built by one man who was trying to be a witness.

You may look at our basketball courts and say they look the same,
But our courts were where they first started the game.

A gym offers fitness equipment and a range of class choices,
We build future leaders and help them find their voices.

At gyms you'll find a treadmill or an elliptical glider,
Our organization is the nation's largest child care provider.  

A gym is built where there is the greatest financial opportunity,
Our facilities are built to be a reflection of our community.

Helping people to live healthy is a call that we heed,
But the the driving force in our organization is to service social need.

With 168 years of service the for-instances are ample,
But we'd rather you just come by so we can give you a sample.

So excuse me for correcting you, but I feel inclined to say,
This is not a gym, it's the YMCA.

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