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Decades of Dedication

Deb Groskopf and Barb Hentz
Deb Groskopf and Barb Hentz

Never underestimate the power of consistency. Experts say it takes 21 days for a behavior to develop into a routine. For Barb Hentz, it’s been more like 23 years in the making.

Hentz, who’s attended the same fitness class through the YMCA for the last 2 decades, says that it’s really all about finding something you love to do and sticking with what works. “It helps to have a great instructor, like Deb Groskopf, who’s just as dedicated as the class participants,” adds Hentz. She’s been lucky enough to have both of those elements working in her favor.

Back when Hentz first moved to the area 20-some years ago, she was looking to branch out, meet other young moms such as herself and find a fun, safe place to take her kids. She quickly found the Y, which met each one of these desires.

Over the years, as her family grew and became more involved with YMCA activities such as swimming and other youth sports, she also began to get more engaged herself, at first with volunteering, then eventually leading to employment. 

Now a friendly and consistent face you will see behind the Y’s Member Service Desk, Hentz continues to enjoy attending her weekly Cardio Fitness class.

“I’ve tried other classes every once in a while, but always came back to this one,” she said. “Having the consistency with the same class, same instructor, same people – it helps to keep you accountable, and that’s a good habit to stick with.”

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