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10 Reasons to Workout With a Friend

1. You’ll enjoy your workout more. Most things are more fun with friends.

2. You’ll feel less stressed. Exercise might be a bit of a stressful experience for some if it’s new and hard. But having a friend there supporting you and working through it with you will decrease that level of stress you may be feeling.

3. You’ll push yourself harder. We are a relational species and a competitive one too. Competition is healthy
when conducted in a constructive and supportive environment.

4. You’ll stop quitting. It’s much easier to talk yourself out of your scheduled workout when you’re only accountable
to your trainer. But when you have a friend counting on you too, you are more likely to NOT cancel or give up.

5. You’ll meet your goals faster. This is a direct result of points 3 and 4. If you work harder during your appointments and don’t cancel or quit, you’ll get to your goals faster than if you were flying solo.

6. Potential rut-buster. If you are struggling with being in a fitness funk, this might be your ticket out.

7. You’ll save money. Partner training saves you up to $15 EACH SESSION.
That quickly adds up to a new pair of exercise tights or running shoes.

8. You’ll be a better friend. Exercise sessions with friends are energizing
not only for your health and fitness, but for your friendship. It has the potential
to bring you closer and create a stronger bond. Plus, you won’t be tempted
to be jealous of your “fit” friend, because that person will be you!

9. You’ll be more motivated. Motivation can be hard to come by some
days. Sometimes it’s just plain hard to summon the motivation to get moving.
But when you have meeting a friend to look forward to, you’ll be more
motivated to get up and get moving.

10. Healthy Community. No man is an island, nor should he operate as such. Community promotes health. Relationships promote community. Partner training can improve relationships.

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