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Health and Happiness

There is an old adage wishing health, wealth and happiness as we enter the New Year. We at the Cafe intend to help you with the first and last of these.

The Cafe will be focusing on new, healthier offerings in 2017. To achieve this, we are implementing some changes which will be reflected in our menu. We began a few months ago by adding new items such as: energy bites, fresh fruit and veggie cups, trail mix, homemade tuna salad, soups, stews and chili. We will continue the trend by steadily adding fresh and exciting alternatives.

We invite your suggestions, comments and recipes. If you like what we are offering, we want your feedback either by sharing your thoughts with our staff or leaving a comment at the front desk.

The happiness factor comes naturally to all of our friendly staff. We try our best to get to know you by name, remember your favorites and personally connect with you. This not only makes your day a little brighter, but ours too. We truly enjoy seeing our regular customers and getting to know new ones.

For instance, Rick jumps happily everyday when we set him up with a steamer and scone, yes, he really does jump. The only complaint he has is that he has to decide which scone to have! Roy and Annie choose decaf and tea, Laura loves to spilt her cup half decaf, half light roast and Karl can't resist the frozen energy bites.

Thank you from the entire Cafe staff for not only becoming our customers, but friends as well. Have a happy and joyous Holiday Season!


Karen Russell
Cafe Manager

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