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Starting 2017 Out Happy and Healthy!

Let’s continue down our road to health and happiness via the YMCA Cafe’. This time we will discuss more of the “mental” aspects of health. Did you know… You can boost your brain power, and we can help you. There are a few lifestyle habits which can help keep your brain and memory healthy.

1. Get your heart rate up with some aerobic exercise. This creates neurons in the hippo-campus and helps with long term memory. (This you will have to take care of prior to a stop at the cafe.)

2. Stop in for a coffee! Yes, caffeine enables you to store memories better. It blocks a receptor in the brain that could impair memory. One to two cups a day(preferably before 2pm).

3. Reduce stress. It has been shown that a little laughter really does do a long way in reducing cortisol, which can shrink the hippo-campus (your memory center). Stop by the cafe where we will be sure to get you laughing.

4. Conversation and social interaction -- even 10 minutes a day will help executive functioning skills including working memory. Take a seat in the cafe with a friend or chat with your barista -- it’s a good thing.

To take it to the next level we can help with some of our offerings. Our trail mix includes nuts and chocolate. Chocolate lowers blood pressure and improves circulation which is great for the brain and the omega-3 fatty acids in the nuts strengthen brain tissue and help maintain memory. Our energy bites contain oatmeal which helps to reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure. Raisins are high in potassium and immune boosting antioxidants. Flax-seed contain omega-3, fiber and phytoestrogens.

To a Happy and Healthy start in 2017…
We are your Coffee House!

Karen Russell, Cafe’ Manager YMCA, Pabst Farms

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