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The Core Values in the Free Weight Room at the Y

How Y Core Values pertain to your use of the Wellness Center,
more specifically the Free Weight Room at the YMCA at Pabst Farms.


- Please respect other members' time by not loitering on or hogging a machine
  or piece of equipment. Let other members "work in" with you.

- Be respectful of your current fitness level and lift weight accordingly.
  Only lift weight you can properly handle. 

- Respect the germs by acknowledging their influence and need to be removed.
  Use the disinfectant spray on all equipment you use.

-Be responsible enough to put your weights away after you're done using them. 

-Be responsible enough to use the machines and equipment as they are intended
 to  be used. 

-Be responsible enough to not drop any weights or abuse any piece of equipment. 

-Be alert and aware of your surroundings - care about your personal safety and
 that of other lifters. 

-Be engaged with other members when using the free weight room – positive
 relational connection and interaction help to improve your mood, which studies
 have proved will have a positive impact on your workout

-Care about proper form and weight load for your current fitness level. 

-Be honest with yourself about your effort. 

-Always strive to do YOUR best - no one else's. 

-Evaluate your fitness level often and lift accordingly. 

-Be honest with staff about your use of equipment - are you the right age,
 have you gone through the right orientations? 

-Be honest with members about your need for a piece of equipment - share your
  sets and skills with others. 

-If you see someone needing help or struggling with a lift, offer honest aid and

We are not in competition with one another. The better everyone gets at lifting, the better we get as a Y and the stronger and healthier our community becomes. We all win!

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