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Jamie Hardt

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My name is Jamie Hardt and I have been an exercise instructor for nearly 13 years at the YMCA at Pabst Farms. I absolutely love exercise and would probably do it for hours a day if I could. I know…I know….I’m what they call an ‘exercise bunny’. For a while now, a goal has been fluttering in my mind. A challenging, but, achievable goal of attending every class our YMCA has to offer. I have begun this journey at New Years and am trying to attend at least 1-2 classes a week this year. I have attended 30 different classes so far of the over 100 we offer. Already, I am finding new things I am enjoying, such as, Shape Express (a very challenging 30 minute class) and TRX (a core humbling class). I welcome you to join me on this journey either by following my blog and update, physically joining me in classes, and/or making your own goal. We still have more than half a year left!!!