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Employee Handbook Revised

In January, 2017 the Association Board approved revisions to the Employee Handbook. These revisions include the following:
• Benefits; Membership and Program Discounts – Revised to extend benefits to employees working 3 hours or teaching 2 classes per week on an as needed basis. Also added is how this benefit will be audited.
• Benefits; Paid Time-Off – Revised to provide more flexibility of use to eligible employees by requesting paid time-off in increments of 1 hour (10 hrs. maximum per day).
• Employee Expectations; Overtime – ADDED
• Employee Expectations; Working From Home – ADDED
• Workplace Safety; Whistleblower Protection – ADDED

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Time clock changes coming March 1st 

Please be aware as you clock IN for shifts beginning Wednesday, March 1st, position codes will change.  Our current codes were developed long before our Y moved to Pabst Farms.  This change is necessary to support budget administration of a larger, multi-branch operation.





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Have you changed your address or email?

Don't miss out on employee communications.  Let us know if your contact information has changed. In addition to informing Member Services, please also contact human resources to insure our data base is up-to-date. 

Call Human Resources at 262-567-7251 or send changes to: payroll@oconymca.org 

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For assistance with the MyPy site contact Human Resources at: payroll@oconymca.org or 262-567-7251.