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While we were able to talk a little about the Staff Satisfaction Survey results at the Rally, there will be an opportunity to learn more at our ‘town hall’ meetings on Sept. 19 at 6pm in Oconomowoc and Sept. 20 at 6pm in Watertown, where we will review the results in detail.  These will be the first of many quarterly town hall meetings at the branches meant to improve communication for all. 

In general what we learned from the staff surveys is that people are very satisfied in their work; in fact,

  • 100% believe that their contribution at work contributes to the well-being of someone else
  • 100% believe in the mission of the YMCA
  • 93% say they get more than a paycheck from their work – they get meaning but yet only 58% believe that they are ‘paid fairly’
  • 95% say they are likely or very likely to be working at the Y one year from now

That being said we also learned that there are actions to be taken:

  • We will complete a compensation and benefits market study for all hourly staff
  • We will step up management presence at events, department meetings, and in program
  • We will communicate more clearly in onboarding, department meetings, and interdepartmentally
  • We will change our name badges and relax our dress code (two changes already implemented).

Click below to see the ‘top box’ scores to every question asked on the survey. These scores represent only the excellent or strongly agree ratings and are helpful when trying to effect/measure change. By comparison the favorability scores are the sum of ALL favorable scores. 


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Have you changed your address or email?

Don't miss out on employee communications.  Let us know if your contact information has changed. In addition to informing Member Services, please also contact human resources to insure our data base is up-to-date. 

Call Human Resources at 262-567-7251 or send changes to: payroll@oconymca.org 


Referral Bonus Incentive

Encourage your friends to consider working for the YMCA at Pabst Farms!

For every referral in the following positions, you will receive a $50 cash bonus once the applicant is employed for 90 days.

  • Great Escape Before and After School Teachers
  • Custodian/Housekeeping
  • Lifeguard Weekday Shifts

To be eligible for the bonus, referring employee must submit a referral form to Human Resources prior to the referred candidate’s application. Referral forms can be completed online by going to: https://fs22.formsite.com/ymca/employeereferral/index.html

Referral program is valid for applications received by October 1st, 2017.


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DRESS CODE POLICY - Revised 9/2017



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