Employee Benefits


For information regarding benefit eligibility, please refer to the Employee Handbook found on the main Employee Portal page.  For specific benefit coverage documents, click the plan information button on the right side of this page.

If you or your dependents have questions or would like to set-up a meeting to further discuss our benefit offerings, please contact Dawn Hannula, HR Director at (262) 468-0470 or email dhannula@oconymca.org. 

Health Insurance:  The Y offers two United HealthCare High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) through the National YMCA Employee Benefits Plan (NYEBP).

Deductible Reimbursement:  For employees electing Health Insurance coverage, the Y will reimburse the last $1,000 of the plan deductible through a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA).

                HRA Employee Guide

               HRA Claim Form

Health Savings Account (HSA):  Consider the tax advantages of using an HSA for your out-of-pocket health expenses.

                HSA Contribution Limits

Dental Insurance:  Cigna Dental PPO is offered through National YMCA Employee Benefits Plan (NYEPB).

Life Insurance:  Offered through the National YMCA Employee Benefits Plan (NYEBP), the Y provides employees with life insurance policy valued at 1.5 times annual pay.  Employees have the option to purchase additional coverage increasing the policy value to 3.5 times annual pay.  The premium for optional coverage is based on the employees’ age and annual compensation.

Dependent Life Insurance:  Offered through the National YMCA Employee Benefits Plan (NYEBP), the Y provides life insurance policy up to $5,000 per dependent.           

Short-term Disability:  Provided by the Y through UNUM Insurance, this policy offers 60% of weekly earnings ($500/week max.) for 13 weeks due to illness or injury.  Elimination period:  0 days/injury & 7 days/illness.

                Summary & Certificate of Coverage

Long-term Disability:  Offered through the National YMCA Employee Benefits Plan (NYEBP), the Y provides this policy offering 60% of gross monthly earnings, up to 60 months, due to illness or injury.  Elimination period: 90 days

Y Retirement:  All Y employees, regardless of employment status, are encouraged to contribute to a 403(b) Smart Account through payroll deduction.  For more information or to obtain forms, please click below for the YRF website.



Membership & Program Discounts:  For part-time employees, eligibility is based upon number of hours worked each week.  Audits are conducted to ensure minimum requirements are met.

                Audit Schedule 




Recieve full benefit of premiums paid by the Y:

To qualify, all individuals 19 years of age and older and covered by a Y health plan, must participate in completing an on-line health assessment that compares "Rally Age" to "Actual Age."  Individuals can then choose to participate in activities to improve their health status and earn additional incentives through the Wellness Works Program.


Higher premium rates will be effective on pay check dated 2/14/19 for employees without assessment participation as stated above.

Go to  now to register or log-in and complete the assessment.

For detailed instructions CLICK HERE.