All by Myself Preschool Classes

Parents must sign in children and stay in the building for classes 45 minutes or shorter. Children must be fully potty trained in 3 year old and up classes (no pull-ups.) *Indicates good choice for 1st class without parent.




WINTER I: January 2 - February 23

WINTER II: February 24 - April 20

  Age Time

Winter I

Winter II

MONDAY (no class Dec. 31)        
Jump & Shout 2-3 9:00-9:30 $25/$45 $28/$48
NEW! Learn to Sign 3-6 9:15-9:45 $38/$58 $38/$58
Soccer Tykes 3-5 9:45-10:30 $35/$55 $40/$60
First Friends 2 10:00-10:45 $35/$55 $40/$60
Afternoon Gym 3-6 12:00-1:00 $35/$55 $51/$71

TUESDAY (no class Jan. 1)
Sunshine School (2-day) 3-5 9:00-11:15      see SS page 
Sunshine School (3-day) 3-5 12:00-2:15      see SS page  
NEW! Spanish Hola Amigos 3-5 9:15-10:00 $39/$59 $44/$64
Tumbling 3-5 10:00-10:45 $35/$55 $40/$60
Boys R Us 2-5 10:15-11:00 $35/$55 $40/$60

Sunshine School (1-day) 2.5-5 9:00-11:15       see SS page
Sunshine School (3-day) 3-5 12:00-2:15       see SS page
Sporties for Shorties 3-4 9:00-9:45 $40/$60 $40/$60
Super Tots 2-3 9:15-9:45 $28/$48  $28/$48

Sunshine School (2-day) 3-5 9:00-11:15       see SS page
Sunshine School (3-day) 3-5 12:00-2:15       see SS page
Art & Science 3-6 9:00-9:45 $44/$64 $44/$64
Hockey Tots 3-5 10:00-10:45 $40/$60 $40/$60
Super Tots 2-3 10:45-11:15 $28/$48 $28/$48

NEW! Preschool Prep 3-5 8:45-9:45 $52/$72 $52/$72
Happy Hoops 3-5 9:15-10:00 $40/$60 $40/$60
First Friends 2 10:00-11:00 $40/$60 $40/$60
Kids in the Kitchen 3-6 10:00-11:00 $46/$66 $52/$72
Jump & Shout 2-3 10:15-10:45 $28/$48 $28/$48

*Fees vary due to duration and expense of the class; classes that fall on holidays or closings are pro-rated. There will be no classes on Monday, December 31st and Tuesday, January 1st. No classes March 24th-30th.

Afternoon Gym: (Ages 3-6)
Join our preschool instructors for athletic fundamentals that challenge this young age group.

Happy Hoops: (Ages 3-5)
Introduction to basketball. Builds motor skills, hand-eye coordination, strength and social development. 

Hockey Tots: (Ages 3-5) 
Introduction to hockey. Kid-friendly equipment with a focus on being a team player and having FUN!

Jump & Shout: (Age 2-3)
Jump and shout your sillies out! Fun movement activities will encourage your little ones to keep the energy flowing while developing beginner level motor skills.

Soccer Tykes: (Ages 3-5)
Shot and a goal! Fundamentals of the game will be covered while strengthening foot-eye coordination, motor skills, and social development.

Sporties for Shorties: (Ages 3-4)
Play and experience a variety of sports geared toward the younger child’s abilities. 

Super Tots*: (Ages 2-3)
Super strength, super speed, super FUN! Stretch, hop, jump and play with your super friends.

Tumbling: (Ages 3-5)
This class will focus on stretching, ways to move your body and basic tumbling skills. We incorporate fun music and movement to exercise the child’s mind and body. 



The Y’s Preschool Enrichment classes provide socialization, healthy activities and fun for children ages 2 – 6. Children learn about the alphabet, colors, numbers, shapes, movement, dance, music and more. Our curriculum changes each session, so your kids can repeat the class for new fun!.
* Prior “Parent/Child” class suggested.

Art & Science: (Age 3-5) 
We will explore concepts of science and art by engaging our senses, making predictions and studying the world around us.

Boys R Us*: (Age 2-5)
Trucks, heroes, dinosaurs and more! This class is a mix of various topics geared just for boys. Your little guy will get the chance to play games, listen to stories and make new friends. A creative class to celebrate our boys!

First Friends*: (Age 2)
A great class for two year olds to leave their grown up for the first time. The children will play together, do crafts, and enjoy music in the quiet and safe place of the Kids Gym.

Kids in the Kitchen: (Age 3-6)
Mmmm…What’s cooking? Children experience the joy of cooking as they measure and mix simple ingredients to make delicious foods to taste and sometimes share.

Learn to Sign: (age 3-5) Introduce your child to the wonderful world of American Sign Language. Your child will practice the alphabet, numbers, and basic signs for family, food, animals and their environment. Through instruction, fun games and songs your child will begin to understand finger spelling and ASL, increase their hand-eye coordination, build fine motor skills, and access their spatial reasoning skills.

Preschool Prep: (Ages 3-5) The children will be introduced to early concepts of letters, numbers, colors and shapes. We will have fun learning with songs and stories. Each session continues on from the last session. Great stepping stone into preschool or 4K.

Spanish Hola Amigos: (Ages 3-6) Use games, songs, crafts and activities to learn the Spanish language


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"The all by myself classes kept our older one engaged and entertained, without feeling slighted, as well as that scheduled and dedicated time to spend one on one with our younger child.  Finding the time and outlet to have that special bonding time is so important!"

 - Mark, Laura, Ethan & Isabelle Randa