Nutrition Consultation


A certified nutritionist will analyze your diet and assist you in obtaining good
health by educating you about how to set and achieve realistic health goals.


3 sessions, $125
6 sessions, $250
10 sessions, $390 

30-min follow-up appointment, $25    

Our Nutrition Coaching Questionnaire is extremely helpful for our Registered Dietician. Click the button below to open the form. Filling it out completely and honestly is critical to the development of your specific nutrition plan. Upon filling the form out, it will automatically be emailed to our RD at



Why consult with a
Registered Dietitian?

• Eat smarter
• Lifelong lifestyle changes
• At risk or have a chronic disease
• Weight management
• Weight gain
• Weight loss
• Nutritional need changes as you age
• Food for the whole family
• Sports performance
• Pre/Post natal nutrition