Wellness Center Programs

Our Wellness Center is open during regular building hours seven days a week. This area is staffed by #1 Fitness Coaches and/or Certified Fitness Trainers to assist you with your workout.



Discover the benefits of a balanced fitness program. A Wellness Coach will instruct you in the use of cardio and strength equipment, and discuss the key components of fitness. FREE for Y Members.


Teens must complete an orientation prior to Wellness Center use. 

AGE 7-12: May use track, with parent/guardian

Age 10-12: Welcome to use select cardio equipment with an adult next to them after signing the Wellness Center Policy Agreement. Check in/out is required at the Wellness Center Desk. Take free Group Exercise classes with a parent. Cycling classes not included.

AGE 13-15: Allowed to use the Wellness Center alone after orientation and PAR-Q is filled out and signed by a parent. Can also use Free Weight area after an additional free weight training orientation. Group exercise classes also available to this age group.

AGE 16 & UP: Access to the entire Wellness Center.


Recharge and refresh your current workout routine. A single appointment with a Wellness Coach to help you develop a new plan based on your strengths, challenges and goals. FREE for Y Members.



Wondering what your current fitness level really is? The iMett test is a very accurate way of assessing your cardiovascular fitness. By measuring both the increase of ventilations as well as your heart rate while you build intensity of exercise, this test gives you specific and individualized results, helping you to know just how fit you really are! Available at Member Services.

      Pkg 1: iMett Test + 6 weeks of cardio training cards. Includes an hour
      appointment with a personal trainer who will both administer and assess your
      iMett test, as well as give you 6 weeks of cardio-only workout cards to jump start
      cardiovascular improvements.
      Fee  $45 Y Member • $90 CP


A running-specific strength and cardio circuit class designed to train runners to run stronger and faster. The class will incorporate plyometrics drills, short cardio circuits and body weight strength exercises that focus on the running muscles and movements.
Attend both days.

Wednesday 6:15 pm
AND Sunday 8:15 am

WINTER I & II  $42 Y Member • $84 CP



An exercise group for individuals with Parkinson’s disease designed and led by Aurora physical therapists and fitness coaches. The class focuses on flexibility, balance, strength, vocalizations and posture. Participants must obtain medical clearance and be evaluated by class instructors prior to enrollment.

Wednesday/Friday..............12:30-1:30 pm

January 3- February 18
Winter I  $28 Y Member • $42 CP (per session)

February 19 - April 8
Winter I  $28 Y Member • $42 CP (per session)

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