Wellness Center Programs

The Wellness Center is open during regular building hours and staffed by Wellness Center Coaches who are here to offer assistance, encourgement and support.



(Mandatory for 13-15 year olds)
This appointment will help you get comfortable with the wellness center and learn how to best utilize it to meet your goals. Membership Benefit!



(Mandatory for 13-15 year olds)
This appointment will acclimate you to the free weight area of the Wellness Center to help you gain confidence and comfort in this space.
Membership Benefit!  


Recharge and refresh your current workout routine. A single appointment with a Wellness Coach to help you develop a new plan based on your strengths, challenges and goals. FREE for Y Members.



Wondering what your current fitness level really is? The iMett test is a very accurate way of assessing your cardiovascular fitness. By measuring both the increase of ventilations as well as your heart rate while you build intensity of exercise, this test gives you specific and individualized results, helping you to know just how fit you really are! Available at Member Services.

      Pkg 1: iMett Test + 6 weeks of cardio training cards. Includes an hour
      appointment with a personal trainer who will both administer and assess your
      iMett test, as well as give you 6 weeks of cardio-only workout cards to jump start
      cardiovascular improvements.
      Fee  $50 Y Member • $100 CP


INBODY TESTING: Body Composition Analysis

We’re excited to share our new InBody 270, Body Composition Analysis testing device. InBody is one of the most advanced body composition analyzers on the market and is trusted by leading hospitals, universities and professional sports teams because of it’s precision.

Now you can have an accurate picture of your body composition to help you target your training to maximize results.

Individual tests:
$15 Y Member • $35 CP
Members can purchase three tests for $40.

Test regularly! See your resultsover time. Testing every 8-12 weeks is recommended.



For individuals with Parkinson’s disease designed and led by Aurora physical therapists and Y wellness coaches. Working on balance, flexibility and muscular strength as well as vocal therapy.Participants must obtain medical clearance and be evaluated by class instructors prior to enrollment.

TUESDAY/FRIDAY      12:30-1:30 pm

 April 25 - June 15 $28 Y Member • $60 CP

SUMMER June 20 - Aug 24 $40 Y Member • $75 CP


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Teens must complete an orientation prior to Wellness Center use. 

7-9 yr old: May use track, with parent/guardian.

10-12 yr old: Welcome to use select cardio equipment and track after the Wellness Center policy agreement is signed, with an adult next to them. Take Group Exercise classes with an adult excluding cycling classe

13-15 yr old: Allowed to use the Wellness Center independently after orientation and waiver is signed by a parent. Can also use Free Weight area after an additional orientation. Group exercise classes also available to this age group.

16+ year old: Free access to the entire Wellness Center.