Bitty Sports

All Bitty Sports programs focus on the fundamentals of the sport and give players the opportunity to learn the importance of teamwork and fair play...all while having fun!

Spring: April 17 - June 10, 2017 

Summer: June 18 - August 26, 2017


  Age Time


MONDAY (Y is closed 5/29)      
Soccer 3-4 3:45-4:15 $30/$50
Hockey 5-6 4:30-5:00 $30/$50
Basketball 5-6 5:15-5:45 $30/$50

Sampler 3-4 3:45-4:15 $35/$55
Soccer 5-6 4:30-5:00 $35/$55
Football 3-4 5:15-5:45 $35/$55

Baseball 3-4 3:45-4:15 $35/$55
Baseball 5-6 4:30-5:00 $35/$55
Soccer 3-4 5:15-5:45 $35/$55

Soccer 3-4 8:30-9:00 $40/$60
Baseball 3-4 9:15-9:45 $40/$60
Sampler 5-6 10:00-10:30 $40/$60

Due to the gym closing, there will be no Bitty Sports classes May 15-21.
The Y will be closed Monday, May 29 for Memorial Day.



  Age Time


Soccer 3-4 9:00-9:30 $50/$70
Baseball 3-4 9:45-10:15 $50/$70
Soccer 5-6 10:30-11:00 $50/$70

Baseball 5-6 9:00-9:30 $50/$70
Soccer 3-4 9:45-10:15 $50/$70
Basketball 3-4 10:30-11:00 $50/$70
Sampler 3-4 5:00-5:30 $50/$70

Sampler 5-6 5:00-5:30 $50/$70

Bitty Baseball:  
Boys and girls learn the fundamentals of throwing, catching, hitting and fielding.

Bitty Basketball: 
Boys and girls learn the fundamentals of dribbling, shooting, passing and defense.

Bitty Football: 
Learn the basics of offense and defense as well as the fundamentals of running, throwing, catching and kicking.

Bitty Hockey:  
Learn the basics of stick handling, puck control, shooting, offense, defense and more, all while having fun.

Bitty Soccer: 
We’ll focus on dribbling, shooting, passing, trapping and goalkeeping.

Bitty Sports Sampler: 
Participants will have a chance to try a few sports throughout the session, as the instructors will introduce basic fundamentals of each sport.


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Bitty Sports
Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my child’s Bitty Sports class be held?

  • During Fall II and Winter I & II sessions, all Bitty Sports classes are held in the gym.
  • During Spring and Summer I & II sessions, all Bitty Sports classes are held outside by the West Entrance (with inclement weather location inside).

What should my child wear for class?
Wear with comfortable shorts or athletic pants, plus socks and sneakers and they’ll be ready to play!

Do we need to bring anything to class?
Please bring a water bottle and make sure your child has used the restroom prior to attending.