Baton / Dance / Poms

Our dance program is staffed by passionate instructors with years of training, enthusiasm for the art of dance and a desire to give your children a positive experience. Your child will have the opportunity to learn and have fun while also growing their self-confidence and developing a sense of discipline.



Spring: April 17 - June 10, 2017

Summer: June 18 - August 26, 2017  


  Age Time



MONDAY (Y closed 5/29)

Twinkle Toes 3-5 10:00-10:45 $39/$59 N/A
TUESDAY (Y closed 7/4)        

Stretch & Tumble With Me
(parent/child tumbling)

12-35 mo. 9:15-9:45 $38/$58 $42/$62
"Dance" Upon a Time 2-5 10:00-10:45 $44/$64 $49/$69
NEW! Kinder Dance 3-5 10:00-10:45 $44/$64 $54/$74
Tiny Dancers 3-5 4:00-4:45 $44/$64 $54/$74
Pom & Dance Jam 5-9 5:00-5:45 $44/$64 $54/$74
Intro to Baton Twirling 5 & up 6:00-6:45 $44/$64 $54/$74
Stretch & Tumble with me 
(parent/child tumbling)
12-35 mo. 10:00-10:30 N/A $47/$67

*Fees vary due to duration and expense of the class. Classes that fall on holidays are pro-rated. The Y will be closed Monday, May 29 and Tuesday, July 4.

All Dance/Poms/Baton classes include a recital/parent visit for the last class of the
session. (Parents are welcome to attend the last 5 min. of Baton classes.)

“Dance” Upon a Time: (Ages 2-5)
Each class will focus on a children’s story through various types of dance and movement.

Intro to Baton Twirling: (Ages 5+)
Twirlers will learn techniques, marching and dance elements.

KinderDance: (Ages 3-5) A creative movement class for boys and girls. We will incorporate stretching, balance skills and rhythm in all types of dance.

Pom & Dance Jam: (Ages 5-9)
Early transition to jazz and popular dance through rhythmic movements, basic steps and age-appropriate music.

Stretch & Tumble with Me: (12-35 mo.)
A parent/child class with an emphasis on basic tumbling, stretching and moving together! Strong walkers please.

Tiny Dancers: (Ages 3-5)
Beginning level combination class will focus on skills in both tap and ballet.

Twinkle Toes: (Ages 3-5)  
The emphasis is on pre-ballet and having fun while learning.

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What do I need for
dance class?

Baton, Pom and Zumba: Tennis shoes, shorts or pants. Shirts should not be oversized or baggy. Batons are provided for Intro to Baton.

Dance Classes: Ballet shoes/slippers and dance attire. Intro to Tap and Tiny Dancers do not require tap shoes, but some kind of dress shoe is recommended to learn the sound.